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At the meeting point between rough and refined, the Maket collection of ceramic objects step into your tablescape universe. German design studio RSW has experimented with a distinction between colour and texture to create a set of functional items with strong contemporary lines, and a playfulness in their realisation.

The Maket collection features the striking use of a fat lava glaze to they upper half, a technique created in Germany during the early 20th century. The bubbles and streaks of the glossy lava glaze cascade down their stepped exterior, halting at the vibrant colours beneath. The sooth lines of pinks, blues and greys below offset the grandiose scene above. This contraction is further highlighted by a soft, matt finished to they coloured ceramic undersides.

The Maket vases – that open up into displaying low vessels, demonstrate RSW’s approach to contemporary form and experimental finishes. Their stepped ceramic shapes flow into one another, bringing together colours, tones and textures to create unique objects. A set of intriguing items that can sit a centre your own tablescape scene.

Each piece is handmade from ceramic, and applied with a fat lava glaze or a matt glaze. Bubbles, streaks and other variations in size and colour are part of handmade processes, and not defects in the design or production.


the designer

No matter if it is a high-tech e-bike or a decorative objet, the designers of RSW stand for a keen sense of observation and exceptional creativity – proven by numerous awards. For the pieces Sven Rudolph, Carsten Schelling and Ralf Webermann designed for pulpo, they created a timeless style, which mixes contemporary with symbolic shapes, never leaving out a touch of magic.


Maket Small

Sitting tall and slender atop your tablescape, the Maket vase begs to be touched. Its layered ceramic form topped with a fat lava glaze, and finished with a sleek matt coloured base. Take the two unlikely ceramic companions apart and stack them up to create a textured vessel full of volume and texture.

Maket Medium

Rising up above your tablescape comes the volcanic inspired Maket vase. Its ceramic form is topped with a fat lava glaze full of bubbles and texture; flowing down its stepped form to a base finished in a series of matt glazed colours. Take apart these two sections to create your own two-toned display vessel full of sharp lines and textured finishes.
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